Guide Sightseeing tours

Date and Venue : Sightseeing tours will start from 6.30 p.m on Monday, May 22 and it will last around 2 hours until sunset.

Program and service: Along with the green focus of the conference, climate-friendly sightseeing options are offered: walking tours and sightseeing with electric buses. Selection of the program will be asked at the registration desk when picking up your badge, but prior booking is also accepted if you prefer.

Walking tours (limited participants in each):


For those first time in Budapest we suggest the Gellért-hill scenic walk with an introduction to the history of the capital. The walk in the greens of the Gellért-hill tour offers an exceptional view of the city, and also visits the emblematic Philisophers’ garden typical touristic routes often miss.

Thematic walking tours are suggested for anyone with special interest in history or architecture, for those who already have been in Budapest and for those who simply do not prefer climbing the Gellért-hill after a busy conference day.

Art Nouveau Treasures of Budapest

Golden Age of Budapest

The bank of Danube

Visiting the castle area with an electric bus : Starting from the main building of BME (the conference’s venue) a 2 hours round trip to explore the Buda Castle. Limited to 20 participant

Price: included in all registrations. For spouses ticket is available for 20 euros.